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Email Campaign Platforms – The carabiner for customer retention

Email Campaign Platforms – The carabiner for customer retention
August 28, 2017 Maple Street Associates

I go in phases from either loving or hating advertising emails in my inbox. One week I unsubscribe from every possible list I possibly can no matter who it’s from. The next, I leisurely find some interesting company or random technology  I want to follow and subscribe. Have you actually resubscribed to a list more than twice, but you are again ready to unsubscribe? I mean, no wonder we all hate email.  But, no matter what ebb or flow you might be going through in your personal mailbox, the raw data shows it is the most valuable digital marking tool in your gear rack.

I’m going to visualize customer retention with a climbing comparison, I know it’s generic. But each has incremental steps where you try to gain elevation, making calculated steps, all with a certain level of risk. But unless you’re trying to beat the free solo record on El Capitan, you’re using some gear to make sure you don’t go in the opposite direction. From rope to harness to bolt, you’ve got proven technology which helps limit that risk dramatically. That rack of gear is your entire digital presence, and one of the most critical is the carabiner.

An email marking campaign platform is your digital carabiner plain and simple. And here is how it relates to your industry and why you need to use it.

Highest return of that $, hands down:

Email marketing campaigns are hands down the best way to advertise to you customers. Here some real world stats before I proceed:

General Stats- Constant Contact

As compared to spending money on clicks or print advertisements, email campaigns show that if you use them, they will have a steady impact your contimual  increased rate of client retention and bottom line sales. Or in other words, as you risk money dinoing to the next step spending hard earned cashed on expensivve video campaign on Youtube, you can always fall back on your email campaigns from keeping you loging to much ground, and keep a steady growth pace.

How is that even possible you say, I hate ad emails.

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